Sunday, January 24, 2016

The seal

Some fiction I guess. I scrapped what I'd been working on so this is what you get.

The Seal

Gods I'm tired. I've been sitting here for what feels like forever. Really, I got over the nigh on unbearable pain after the first few decades. After that, not much to do but sleep. Well, that and the occasional attempt to escape, but really, a decent bit of spell-crafting basically automated that.

Fuck, its been a really boring century stuck here. Ah well, I did volunteer. Dumb ass hippies. The council will believe any yarn you spin if you pout and act remorseful. "We shouldn't kill unique life" my ass, I worked hard to be the biggest asshole of all time. Really, I earned it...

Okay, happy thoughts. Beach. Old wife. Day I became what I am. Life at the AI lab before the world went to shit. Not the days I did the most stupid shit.

Hm, is that an opening I see? Apparently my magic didn't pick up on it. I swim towards it, hoping against hope I can escape and atone.

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