Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Some BS writing

So this is a bit of writing I did. Nothing impressive, just a bit of fiction that I came up with, just meant to be a preface to some story thoughts I came up with.


I'm looking down the barrel of a pistol. “Wonderful,” I mutter under my breath so that my assailant. This rich brat calls me to this alley behind his oh-so prestigious private school and then has the sheer audacity to try to rob me. I might almost be impressed if the blood red sweater-vest over the white dress shirt with the khaki pants didn't make him look like an absolute tool.
“Look,” I say somewhat more loudly, in my most diplomatic tone. “Why don't we put down the gun and you won't to get blood in that pretty-boy blonde hair of yours.”
His eyes flare up in anger. Mistake. “How about you stop treating me like a little kid,” he yells at me, despite being all of 5 feet away. His quivering voice fails to disguise his stress or imply that he's in charge. “Drop the stuff and walk slowly away or… or… I'll shoot! I'm in charge here.”
I slowly take a step forward. “Look, let's not get-” BANG! I see a muzzle flash and feel a sharp pain on my forehead as my head snaps back and my vision goes dark.
Fuck! That hurts you spoiled brat!” I say in a tone of annoyance as I wipe the blood out of my eyes. I look up now that I can see again. Ah the look on his face immediately cheers me up. I don't know if it's the abject horror that I'm still standing after getting shot or the fear of what's going to happen to him, but it just makes me feel all fuzzy inside, like the warmth from a campfire, minus the smell of burning human. I slowly walk forward and say slowly “now see, I'm going to have to hurt you. We can make this easy or hard.”
He slowly backs away, trembling, then quickly turns and runs in terror.
Hard it is then.”
Inflict suffering. Charge.
I pool magical energy into my right arm, cloaking it in darkness as I rocket towards my target, leaving a black smog in my wake. I stop just short of the preening fool, punching him with my right arm and forcing the energy into his back, causing him to scream in agony as sparks of magic leap through his nervous system, leaving no permanent harm but still causing him to writhe in pain as he falls down.
I spit on his fallen body. "Maybe you'll remember next time," I say as I rifle through his pockets. "Ah, here's the money I need." I take the money I was due before he acted so rudely. "Pleasure doing business with you. Let's try not to make this not so eventful next time."
I walk away from the scene. After all, I got things to do and places to be.

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