Wednesday, February 10, 2016

The Black Hearted Man

Sorry its been a while. Been in a rut lately. Nothing good comes to the mind you know. I'm one of those people with really bad moods and they were getting a bit more frequent. I'm feeling better now but, ya' know, its important to get a routine. So with that, lets celebrate with story time. How 'bout a sequel

The Black Hearted Man

I emerge from the seal, feeling like there's a 200 pound weight on my chest. Breathing isn't exactly something you worry about when you're floating in a magic space. I quickly glance around, probing the room with magic. The seal below me is glowing, taking up the entire floor of a round chamber about a mile in diameter. I'm honored they poured this much magic just into containing me honestly. Looking closer it seems to be a pretty standard seal, but they layered it a lot. Well, I would also be scared of the guy who ruined the world. I also notice a lone human armed with a makeshift gun at the singular entrance, towering at least 100 feet high.

Found the person who freed me. Now lets see who dares to wake the devil.

"Hello, unlucky soul," I say in poisoned honeyed tones, warping in front of him. Note to self, don't do that again for a bit. Hurts like hell since I'm way too rusty. "What brings you to Old Man Azazel today, and what moronic idea did you think justified interrupting my nap."

"I-I-I-It's y-y-your s-s-sister sir," he stutters out slowly. Its fun being terrifying. Unfortunately, no one likes you much afterwards, but humor is its own reward.

"What, is dear Angelus inviting me to her birthday party." Okay, time to stop fucking with him and get some answers.

"She's gone crazy sir!" He says this in the most panicked voice I've heard. "Last I heard, she plans to drag you out and kill you."

"Okay," I say, just a little surprised. Angelus was the one on the council who insisted that I remain alive. "When will she arrive."

"F-f-fff-fifteen minutes."

"Alright then." I summon my old pistol and call my dark attack ghosts. "Time to get going." I run out of the room and mentally steel myself for a fight.

Must I kill again. My own sister... No, I can't die.