Saturday, December 26, 2015

My writing challenge

So I know I'm kind of a shitty writer. I come up with novel ideas pretty often but I lack the clarity of vision and the motivation to ever really follow through (hence the pathetic conclusions). If you've read the first story of Mage: The Awakening with the journal then you have some idea of what I try to replicate (stuff like "Note Important Capital Letters. Magicians Use Lots of Capital Letters" pretty well reflects my humor). Unfortunately, I have to set aside time to really work on my writing alongside programming.

Lately I've been playing with Racket and its really interactive which means its really easy to get into a flow. Compare that to writing blog posts where it feels like a monumental effort to make even a small amount of content and its easy to get lost. I try to avoid being a passive consumer of content but its hard. There's so much good content out there at Shamus Young's blog, various comics, and on youtube(I'm not linking that) that its easy to get down and convinced that you really aren't worth reading.

My solution to this is that every day, for one hour from 10-11 PM, unless I have to be away from my computer, I am going to go into the blogger editor (or find something that doesn't make me feel like I'm bashing stones together) and write from now on. I don't care if I'm super tired, I'll sit down and deal with it. I've got 12 years experience of worming out of things I don't want to do and I need to get over that before college. That doesn't mean that I'm going to have a post a day, it just means I'm going to write. Some stuff will be too personal and some will be too large to finish in 1 hour. Still, I might post them later.

Anyways, I was wondering, what sort of things do you do to be more productive? It doesn't matter how old this post is, it still might help the next person like me who just doesn't know how to deal with everything and just run away.

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