Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Hello Doomed, Dying, Pointless World!

Hello and welcome to my quivering mass of despair and hatred. Trust me, we'll be best of friends.

Who the fuck are you?

Good question, nonexistent figment of my imagination. My name is Hersh. I'm a senior who basically is through with high school. I'm also an (incredibly amateur) programmer with an interest in AI and distributed computing. I also find game design interesting, watch anime, and am saving up for GURPS so I can maybe run some RPGs after AP testing is done this year and two out of my three (wierd school district) courses are done with the pretense of teaching me things. (Really I should just bite the bullet and run Eclipse Phase since the PDFs are free to redistribute) I also have a light interest in politics. My sense of humor is mostly derived from Dilbert and the Onion which leads to a healthy dose of sarcasm.

Great. Why do I give a shit?

Another excellent questioned from the figment of my imagination! Give him a hand folks! (VALIDATE ME!!!!) You really shouldn't. This will serve more as a diary than anything else, as well as a way to put pointless diatribes on things that really irritate me. Look, if you want entertainment, go watch the Trump twitter feed. Always good for a laugh.

Great, can I go now?

But then you might miss my next amazing blog post about the meaning of life in which I pro-. No, I can't type that with a straight face. See ya.

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